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Inventor gives away his million dollar secret to making money online.

Welcome to the #1 JDI MLM Team where we work as a team and leverage to make 

money from home in our home business opportunity. The secret to success is to find a 

way to maximize the compensation plan with the least amount of effort in recruiting. 

Unfortunately, most companies don't allow you to take out more than one position. 

However, JDI International does not restrict you to having just one position in 

the matrix. Follow our system and duplicate it and watch your down line explode!

Our JDI stem cell nutrition product line helps the bodies own natural adult stem cells multiply. Scientist have discovered that the more stem cells you have, the healthier you are.

Greetings, my name is Mark Recker and I'm a Founding Distributor for JDI International and the World's First Stem Cell Vitamin Opportunity. In November of 1997, I earned a United States Patent on an exercise apparatus.  A few years ago I went into Network Marketing because it's the best way to earn an income and have the financial freedom to do things that the ordinary person can't.  After reading "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, I soon discovered the secret to online success.  I'm going to share with you my "Simple Business Builder's Formula" to making money online. Sign up today and Get Your Spot Now! 


Mark Recker


Unlocking the door to financial success involves thinking outside the box. If you can 

work as a team and leverage then you can be successful. We've found a solution to the 

#1 problem in network marketing (see steps 1-4 below)  The solution is to find a way to 

Leverage the matrix to your advantage, filling it the fastest way possible and teaching 

others to duplicate. I'm going to teach you how you can do it in the JDI Stem Cell Nutrition Opportunity in 4 

simple steps. 


Introducing Our Simple Business Builder's Formula

Step 1. 

Primary Position Product Suggestion

First you need to click on the JDI Miracle Serum picture to join on the 

monthly auto ship for only $19.95. This will be your Primary Position in the matrix and it 

is tied in with our team rotator to help you get traffic to your JDI website.  We've chosen this 

product due to the low start up cost for starting a home based business. However, this is just 

a suggestion for budget minded people.  Feel free to substitute any product that you need for 

better health and wealth. We'll just add your Primary website to the team rotator and let 

your new business partners decide which products to pick for their Primary and 

Secondary positions.  

Step 2.

Secondary Position Product Suggestion

You will need to take out additional separate Secondary 

Positions or accounts under your Primary Position. The following steps 2-4 are only 

product recommendations that are the most affordable. For your first Secondary Product Position 

we recommend our flagship JDI Multi Vitamin with stem cell nutrition for an affordable price of only $29.95 on 

monthly auto ship. 

 Step 3.
Secondary Position Product Suggestion

We recommend the Emergent O2 Water for only 29.95 a month on auto ship as your 2nd 

Secondary Position ProductAgain, we are going with the least expensive products and this 

completes your 2nd Secondary Position. However, feel free to substitute according to your 

personal needs.

Step 4.

Secondary Position Product Suggestion

We recommend the Vita Stim for only 39.95 a month on auto ship as your 3rd 

Secondary Position Product. Again, we are going with the least expensive products and this 

completes your three Secondary Positions under your Primary Position. However, feel free to 

substitute any of our wonderful products according to your personal needs. You are now in position to earn up 

to 4 checks a month by leveraging your matrix. 

*Note* Unless you know for sure that a person is going to duplicate this Fast Start Business Builders System, place them into your Primary Position until they commit and then ask JDI to move them into one of your 3 Secondary Positions. 

Now let's do the math so that you can see how affordable this really is to you. These 

numbers are approximate and for entertainment purposes only. And remember, you 

only have to recruit 3 Business Builders under each Secondary Position.

Filling the 3 wide 7 levels deep on any $29.95 product is approximately $2500 a month in residual income!

Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate……….

This illustration is for entertainment purposes and actual cost and profit can vary.
Cost of products
Monthly Cost
Month 1.
 Miracle Serum
 Primary Position earns a monthly check
 Water Oxygenator
 Secondary Position earns a monthly check
 JDI Multi
 Secondary Position earns a monthly check
 Vita Stim
 Secondary Position earns a monthly check
 Total Cost
 $119.80 plus $20 S/H = $139.80
Shipping will get cheaper once they combine products into 1 box.
 Fast Start Bonus
  First Month's Fast Start Bonus @ 50% on all three Secondary Positions you take out = $49.92
 $139.80 - $49.92 = ($89.88) for your first month cost to start.
 Month 2
20% bonus on 1st level of matrix off your 3 Secondary Positions
 $29.95 @ 20% = $6.00
 $29.95 @ 20% = $6.00
 $39.95 @ 20% = $8.00
                             $20.00 monthly bonus
 $139.80 - $20 = $119.80 for second month unless you sign up a business builder or customer on any of your 4 positions. Refer to the cmpensation plan for more details. 

Now all you have to do is pass the baton on to others and have them visit our team 

website to learn more. We have a "Simple Business Builder's System" in place to 

help you find qualified business builder leads. We have a funded co-op, we have a 

team rotator and a weekly conference call on Wednesdays. And if that's not 

enough we also have training on the JDI University page above to help you succeed.

Mark, I'm interested in learning more about your system. Please send me one of your FREE Reports.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Our Click On It And Print It Flyer

The #1 reason why people fail in network marketing is because they don't 

duplicate a System! In order to be successful you need to have a System that 

incorporates teamwork and leveraging. Our Business Builder System uses the

power of teamwork and leveraging to help you build a powerful down line fast! 

The #2 reason why people fail in network marketing is because they choose a 

product with little or no value to the end user. Our Patented Life changing Stem 

Cell Nutrition products don't contain any human stem cells and are natural and

plant based which ads value to your health. Do you value your health? 

Would you like to position yourself in our team and have others go under you?

Join now   in our Business Builders System and get placed into our team rotator for the next 30 days! That's 30 days of FREE Advertising to your JDI website and the potential for new sign ups!

Need a flyer like the one above to send to others?

Our Click on it and Print it flyer above makes duplication easy. Make sure you fill out your referrer information with your name and website information so that your prospect joins you.

*50 FREE Postcards* (only maximum of 50 for those in the Business Builders System)

Make money from home in your JDI Home Business Opportunity today and create an Residual Income for Life.

Receive 50 Free Postcards like the one above when you join our team today! Mail them or hand them out to your warm market of family and friends and teach them to duplicate.

Joseph, Florida

Hear live testimonials from members using our products.

I am very grateful for being introduced to the JDI Stem Cell Vitamins and the opportunity. Health and wealth are the reasons for me joining. The leadership of Dr. John has proved to me that the future looks bright. The simple, yet very lucrative compensation plan is 
paying me checks already. The product is first class and I have more energy and mental clarity. A recent article in the paper showed that the average life expectancy for males fell from 77 years to 69.7 years. Hopefully with taking JDI Stem Cell Vitamins I can help bring the 
numbers back up.
Mark Recker., Indiana

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It's Official! We are now into pre launch mode and will be building a team through the power of teamwork and leveraging.

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Launch date is by the first of the year or sooner.

This product is not offered in the United States as of now but will soon be carried by JDI International in another business website separate from the JDI Nutrition Line.  

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   Brian Leist 
Stem cell vitamins work and we have added vitamin D3 for better results.

Only $29.95 plus shipping and handling to own your very own home business.



And we have a very affordable Product that everyone needs and should be on, our Flagship Product 12 in 1 Multi Vitamin with stem cell nutrition for only $29.95.

Example: If you decide to place 2 on your first level and you are able to teach all the same, such a 2 x 7 Structure is designed for a potential payout of $228.00 per month.

Example: If you decide to place 3 on your first level and you are able to teach all the same, such a 3 x 7 Structure is designed for a potential payout of $2,556.00 per month.

Example: If you decide to place 4 on your first level and you are able to teach all the same, such a 4 x7 Structure is designed for a potential payout of $16,584.00 per month.

Example: If you decide to place 5 on your first level and you are able to teach all the same, such a 5 x7 Structure is designed for a potential payout of $73,604.00 per month.

Example: If you decide to place 6 on your first level and teach all the same, such a 6 x 7 Structure is designed for a potential payout of $252,540.00 per month.

Example: If you decide to place 7 on your first level and teach all the same, such a 7 x 7 Structure is designed for a potential payout of $721,518.00 per month.

We have products that work! If you want to order @ retail without joining on monthly auto ship then click on the images to get more information or to place an order.
The magical power of JDI Three In One MIRACLE SERUM™ comes from Sulfur, an important element that's stored in every cell in the body. And nature's richest source of sulfur is Methylsuflonylmethane, or MSM, a key component of MIRACLE SERUM.


There are statements on this website related to improving immune system, decreasing inflammation, bettering mental acuity and mood, telomere support and meaningfully increasing stem cell circulation. These statements are based upon studies in the literature on certain ingredients. While we believe these are scientifically valid correlations, the amounts from studies may be different from the exact amounts in our product. Results, if any, could vary with any individual and may not be typical.

No statements on this website have been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration. No products on this website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is an Independent Affiliate website acting on its own behalf. Members of this site do not guarantee any earnings. All members earnings associated with this team site may vary depending on the amount of effort they put forth into their JDI opportunity. Participants of this site indemnify all and any person (s) associated with this site.  Website administrator holds the rights to alter, change, or eliminate any program offers or incentives without notice. It is the responsibility of every member who joins our promotion (s) to email me their JDI membership user name and complete mailing address within 3 days after joining to receive their offer, promotions, or incentives for joining.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification of such offers and incentives.  Email me at: